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I’m Dr. Hiro Izumi. I am a doctor of chiropractic.

I have been practicing since 2003.

I started learning functional medicine in 2005.

I have personally dealt with severe asthma and autoimmune issues as a child and through early adulthood which I have learned to overcome.

Learning functional medicine taught me what I needed to do to overcome these health issues.

I want to share that knowledge with as many people as I possibly can, so they don’t have to suffer like I did.

Dr. Izumi has successfully supported patients with...




・Anxiety and depression


・Chronic pain

・Hormonal imbalance, PMS, Menopausal issues

・Autoimmune health issues

・Chronic infections​

・Slow metabolism, difficulty losing weight 

What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is a truly individualized healthcare model, not a sick care. 

Functional Medicine looks at all the systems of the body as being connected without isolating a single organ or body system.


Initial Session & Second Session: $300 total

The purpose of the initial session is to gather all the health related information so Dr Izumi can understand your unique situation and help him build a customized treatment plan for you.

In the second session, Dr. Izumi will go over the clinical impression and specific treatment plan in detail.

Follow-Up Sessions: $110/session


Phone:  914 310 9000 (USA)


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