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I came to know about Dr Izumi from a magazine called Natural Awakenings. I went for my first appointment as I had Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Doctor told me I had a chronic infection, extreme protein deficiency and a leaky gut, and advised me to go on a grain free, sugar free and dairy free diet. It was frustrating in the beginning but I soon felt way better than before. I had more energy, less mood swings and felt very lively.
I got pregnant just after a one and half month, that’s a miracle as it’s very bad for women with hypothyroidism to get pregnant naturally. I had a pain in my lower back for many years. I could not exercise, walk for a long distance or just lay flat. I went many doctors but they would either give me pain killers or say there is no fracture. Finally, Dr. Izumi made it good in just one appointment. I felt as though I had a new leg with no pain. I was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder by my ENT and had a lot of pain near my ear. Dr. Izumi adjusted my alignment problem with one appointment. I cannot thank Dr Izumi enough for what he has done for me.
My son is two years old and has cochlear tubes in his ears. Just one year after his surgery, ENT doctor told me he has fluid in his ear and his tubes are 50 % out. He told my son has to go for surgery again if the fluid does not drain in 6 weeks. Dr Izumi was the one who rescued my son from going to surgery again with his chiropractic care. Because when ENT doctor checked again there was no fluid.
He is a very simple and peaceful person. Anybody will feel well the moment you meet Dr. Izumi. If you are reading this testimonial means you are already on your journey to a healthy happy life.


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