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When I begun treatment with Drs. Hiro and Michiko Izumi I was exhausted and had difficulty sleeping. I had neck pain, low back pain due to subluxations (C1, C2, L4, L5) and pain in my left arm pit which radiated to the upper right rib cage.
My posture was poor. Upon standing I was tilted to the left side. I had poor digestion with bloating in the abdominal area. My ankles swelled intermittent, and my hair was beginning to fall out. I had a constant post nasal drip and frequently my upper sinuses would bleed.
Adjustments to the upper cervical spine and the suggested targeted exercises helped to improve the muscular imbalances that were contributing to my neck and lower back pain. I am very happy that I no longer have neck pain, rarely have lower back pain and my posture has definitely improved! I now sleep better and have more energy during the day. An analysis of my nutritional deficiencies indicated the needs for improved nutrition, supplements, and digestive enzymes. Since my body is utilizing food better, my muscles are stronger and my ability to hold good posture as I stand, sit and walk is much improved.
With the addition of more protein and more good fats and fatty acids to my diet, my ankles are no longer swollen and my hair loss is stopping.
Most recently the post nasal drip is much less. I believe that doing the gentle exercises to improve lymph flow and by eliminating a possible allergen, namely wheat from my diet, the amount of mucus in my sinuses is significantly less.
I am very grateful to Dr Izumi for making it possible for me to experience a general feeling of wellness as I continue to improve.
There were many times I needed direction and encouragement. Dr Izumi always responded generously with knowledge and compassion.

Alice Verrico

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